Shop FAQs2022-08-20T17:14:35-04:00
How long will it take to receive my item(s)?2022-08-18T15:20:58-04:00
They will be shipped by USPS first-class mail from Cleveland, OH so you can estimate shipping times to your location based on that.
Are items returnable?2022-08-18T15:19:45-04:00

Unfortunately they are not.

Will you be adding more items?2022-08-18T15:18:35-04:00

Yes, for sure. Eventually we will be also offering dog shirts, pint glasses, keychains and other items bearing The Treelawn logo.

Can I call or write with any questions regarding the merchandise?2022-08-18T15:18:11-04:00

Yes. Email or call (415) 308-7864.


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